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Do I really need a logo?

More then likely, yes. Logos do a lot more then you may think. A good logo can help convey professionalism. Logos also help you estabilish a sense of unity among your products and services. By following your branding and logo guidelines, your consumers will know your products and services came directly from you.

Contact me today, and we can further discuss how proper logo and branding guidelines can help you and your company.


How Much Do You Charge?

Pricing varies greatly depending on numerous factors. Such factors include: industry, company size, requested turn around time, number of variations needed and more. Contact me, and we can go over your needs and budget.

Can You Copy a Logo I Found?

I get asked this quite often. The simple answer is no. Now what we can do, is try to find out why you like about that logo, and take those elements and apply them to your logo.

How Fast Can You Finish My Logo?

Ideally, I ask for a minimum of two weeks. A logo is something I want you to use well into the future of your company. Therefore, I don’t want to rush the creative process of your logo. I will spend two weeks going through the creative process including: research, brainstorming, refinement, and finalization of your logo.


If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please contact me today.

The Process

I do my best to make sure this process goes as easily as possible for you. The first step is to contact me so we can talk about your business and what you are looking for. After that, I will present you with a proposal for the project. Once the proposal is accepted, I will send over a design brief for you to fill out. The design brief is a tool that I use to make sure that we are both on the same page. After that, I will present you with the logos I have come up with, and we can start refining your logo.

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What is Branding?

Think of Branding as the guidelines or rules that you should follow whenever your logo is being presented. Font, colors, and style of photos all play a part in Branding. Branding also goes over how not to use your logo. Branding helps ensure unity among your companies collateral. This helps consumers recognize you and your services/products easily.

Contact me today to talk about getting branding guidelines to help you maximize your logo’s effectiveness.