Here is the quick high-level version of my design process, no matter what I am working on.
1. Research
2. Ideate (sketching)
3. Refine (Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, XD)
4, Consolidate
5. Revise
6. Finalize
7. Delivery

Just about every project, no matter what it may be, begins with research and planning. Without having completed proper research the design will lack in one way or another. The main goals of research is to determine the strategy and gain clear objectives. 
Once the research has been completed, I dive headfirst into crafting solutions and ideas based on that research. I write out, sketch, dream, or whatever I can in order to get out as many ideas as possible. This part of the process may not be the prettiest, it is very important. This allows me to explore every idea I may have, no matter how crazy or outlandish it may be.
I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing designers and Creative Directors, but one philosophy has always stuck with me “think as far outside the box as possible, then dial it back in.” - David Wanless. This has allowed me to think of some the craziest and most creative ideas of my career and it is what drives me forward today. 
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